Biology for the AP® Course

First Edition

Publication Date: April 15, 2022

Hardcover ISBN: 9781319113315

Pages: 960

It's Here! The AP® Biology Program You've Been Asking For.

Biology for the AP® Course, 1st Edition grew out of a belief that the AP® Biology classroom could benefit from a textbook that matches the goals and organization of the course. Although the course content is the equivalent of a first year college biology course, AP® teachers and...
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ISBN: 9781319499297
Biology for the AP® Course


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ISBN: 9781319113315
Biology for the AP® Course


Unit 1: Chemistry of Life
Module 0: Introduction
Tutorial 1: Statistics
Module 1: Elements of Life
Module 2: Water and Life
Module 3: Carbohydrates and Lipids
Module 4: Proteins
Module 5: Nucleic Acids
Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function
Module 6: Cell Structure and Function
Module 7: Subcellular Components of Eukaryotes
Module 8: Cell and Organism Size
Module 9: Cell Membranes
Module 10: Membrane Transport
Module 11: Water Movement: Osmosis, Tonicity, and Osmoregulation
Module 12: Origin of Compartmentalization and the Eukaryotic Cell
Unit 3: Cellular Energetics
Module 13: Cellular Energetics
Module 14: Enzymes
Module 15: Photosynthesis I: Overview
Module 16: Photosynthesis II: Biochemistry
Module 17: Cellular Respiration I: Overview
Module 18: Cellular Respiration II: Biochemistry
Module 19: Metabolism, the Environment, and Evolutionary Fitness
Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle
Module 20: Cell Communication
Module 21: Signal Transduction
Module 22: Changes in Signal Transduction Pathways
Module 23: Feedback in Cell Communication
Module 24: The Cell Cycle
Module 25: Regulation of the Cell Cycle
Unit 5: Heredity

Module 26: Meiosis and Genetic Diversity
Module 27: Mendelian Genetics
Tutorial 2: Probability
Module 28: Non-Mendelian Genetics
Module 29: Environmental Effects on Phenotype
Module 30: Chromosomal Inheritance
Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation
Module 31: DNA and RNA Structure and Function
Module 32: DNA Replication
Module 33: Transcription and RNA Processing
Module 34: Translation
Module 35: Regulation of Gene Expression
Module 36: Cell Specialization and Development
Module 37: Mutation
Module 38: Biotechnology
Module 39: Viruses
Unit 7: Evolution and Natural Selection
Module 40: Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection
Module 41: Natural and Artificial Selection
Module 42: Population Genetics
Module 43: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Module 44: Evidence of Common Ancestry and Evolution
Module 45: Continuing Evolution
Module 46: Phylogeny
Module 47: Speciation
Module 48: Extinction
Module 49: Variation in Populations
Module 50: Origins of Life on Earth
Unit 8: Ecology

Module 51: Responses to Environment
Module 52: Energy Flow through Ecosystems
Module 53: Population Ecology
Module 54: Effect of Density of Populations
Tutorial 3: Rate and Growth in Population Ecology
Module 55: Community Ecology
Module 56: Biodiversity
Module 57: Disruptions to Ecosystems
Tutorial 4: Graphing
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