Chemical Principles

The Quest for Insight

Eighth Edition

Publication Date: April 15, 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781319498498

Pages: 1120

Meaningful practice matters.

Peter Atkins is one of the most well-known and highly respected chemists, authors, and educators in the field.  The new edition of this venerable text includes two new coauthors, and a host of new media resources. This integrated experience includes a fully-interactive e-book, including...
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Chemical Principles


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ISBN: 9781319498498
Chemical Principles


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Introduction and orientation
A Matter and energy
B Elements and atoms
C Compounds
D Nomenclature
E Moles and molar masses
F The determination of composition
G Mixtures and solutions
H Chemical equations
I Precipitation Reactions
J Acids and bases
K Redox reactions
L Reaction stoichiometry
M Limiting reactants

Focus 1: Atoms
1A Investigating atoms
1B Quantum theory
1C Wavefunctions and energy levels
1D The hydrogen atom
1E Many-electron atoms
1F Periodicity
Focus 2: Bonds Between Atoms
2A Ionic bonding
2B Covalent bonding
2C Beyond the octet rule
2D The properties of bonds
2E The VSEPR Model
2F Valence-Bond theory
2G Molecular Orbital theory
Focus 3: States of matter
3A The nature of gasses
3B The gas law in action
3C Gases in mixtures and reactions
3D Intermolecular forces
3E Real gasses
3F Liquids
3G Solids
Focus 4: Thermodynamics
4A Internal Energy
4B Work and Heat
4C Enthalpy
4D Thermochemistry
4E Contributions to enthalpy
4F Entropy
4G The molecular interpretation of entropy
4H Absolute entropies
4I Global changes in entropy
4J Gibbs free energy
Focus 5: Equilibrium
5A Vapor pressure
5B Phase Equilibria of one-component systems
5C Phase equilibria in two-component systems
5D Solubility
5E Colligative properties
5F Chemical equilibrium
5G Alternative forms of the equilibrium constant
5H Equilibrium calculations
5I The response of equilibria to changes in conditions

Focus 6: Reactions
6A The nature of acids and bases
6B Autoprotolysis and pH
6C Weak acids and bases
6D The pH of aqueous solutions
6E Polyprotic acids
6F The pH of Very Dilute Solutions
6G Buffers
6H Acid-base titrations
6I Solubility equilibria
6J Precipitation
6K Representing redox reactions
6L Galvanic cells
6M Standard potentials
6N Applications of electrode potentials
6O Electrolysis
Focus 7: Kinetics
7A Reaction rates
7B Integrated rate laws
7C Reaction mechanisms
7D Models of reactions
7E Catalysis
Focus 8: Materials
8A Periodic trends
8B Hydrogen
8C Group 1: The alkali metals
8D Group 2: The alkaline Earth Metals
8E Group 13: The boron family
8F Group 14: The carbon family
8G Group 15: The nitrogen family
8H Group 16: The oxygen family
8I Group 17: The halogens
8J Group 18: The noble gases
8K The d-Block Elements: A Survey
8L Coordination Compounds
8M The Electronic Structure of d-Metal Complexes

Focus 9: Nuclear Chemistry
10A Nuclear decay
10B Radioactivity
10C Nuclear energy
Focus 10: Organic Chemistry
11A Structures of aliphatic hydrocarbons
11B Reactions of aliphatic hydrocarbons
11C Aromatic compounds
11D Common functional groups
11E Polymers and biological macromolecules
Major Techniques (Online Only)
1 Infrared and microwave spectroscopy
2 Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy
3 X-ray diffraction
4 Chromatography
5 Mass spectrometry
6 Nuclear magnetic resonance
7 Computation

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Peter Atkins; Loretta Jones; Leroy Laverman; Kelley Young; James Patterson | Eighth Edition | ©2023 | ISBN:9781319437633

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