Discovering the Scientist Within

Research Methods in Psychology

Third Edition

Publication Date: February 20, 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781319254377

Pages: 624

What better way to learn research methods than through fascinating studies?

Discovering the Scientist Within: Research Methods in Psychology is the only book on the market that teaches students about research methods using a complete study in each chapter. Authored by renowned teachers Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr., Natalie J. Ciarocco, and David B. Strohmetz, each...

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Discovering the Scientist Within


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Discovering the Scientist Within


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CHAPTER 1       Psychology As a Science: Thinking Like a Researcher
CHAPTER 2       The Research Process: From Ideas to Innovations
CHAPTER 3       Ethics and Open Science: Upholding Scientific Integrity in Research
CHAPTER 4       The Psychologist’s Toolbox: Tools for Building Better Designs
CHAPTER 5       Qualitative Research: Getting Into the Mind of a Serial Killer
CHAPTER 6       Observational Research: The Many Forms of Discipline in a Parent’s Bag of Tricks
CHAPTER 7       Correlational Research and Survey Design: Is Going Greek a Great Idea?
CHAPTER 8       Two-Group Design: Texting: I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
CHAPTER 9       Multigroup Design: I’m Feeling Hot, But Is the Earth Hot, Too?
CHAPTER 10     Within-Subjects Design: Can Watching Reality TV Shows Be Good for Us?
CHAPTER 11     Factorial Design: “I Lost My Phone Number, Can I Borrow Yours?” Do Pick-Up Lines Really Work?
CHAPTER 12     Mixed Design: How Do Mindfulness and Bed-Sharing With Pets Impact Stress?
CHAPTER 13     Program Evaluation: Applying Your Skills in the Real World
APPENDIX A     Statistical Tools for Answering Research Questions
APPENDIX B     Communicating the Science of Psychology

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Gary Lewandowski Jr.; Natalie Ciarocco; David Strohmetz | Third Edition | ©2023 | ISBN:9781319463922

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