Principles of Economics

Second Edition

Publication Date: April 15, 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781319498610

Pages: 1056

Every decision is an economic decision.

Principles of Economics by Betsey Stevenson (University of Michigan), and Justin Wolfers (University of Michigan) emphasises that every decision is an economic decision. The authors’ focus on useful economics uses compelling explanations and real-life examples to help students develop...

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Principles of Economics


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ISBN: 9781319498610
Principles of Economics


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A Quick Review of Graphs

PART I Foundations of Economics
Chapter 1 The Four Core Principles of Economics
Chapter 2 Demand and Consumer Choice
Chapter 3 Supply and Producer Choice
Chapter 4 Equilibrium: Where Supply Meets Demand

PART II Analyzing Markets
Chapter 5 Elasticity: Measuring Responsiveness
Chapter 6 Taxes, Price Controls, and Quantity Regulations
Chapter 7 Welfare Economics: Evaluating Market Efficiency and Market Failure
Chapter 8 Comparative Advantage and Gains from Trade

PART III Applications and Policy Issues
Chapter 9 International Trade
Chapter 10 Externalities and Public Goods
Chapter 11 The Labor Market
Chapter 12 Why Wages Vary: Workers, Jobs, Institutions, and Discrimination
Chapter 13 Inequality, Poverty, and Social Insurance

PART IV Industrial Organization and Business Strategy
Chapter 14 Market Structure and Market Power
Chapter 15 Entry, Exit, and Long-Run Profitability
Chapter 16 Price Discrimination and Sophisticated Pricing Strategies
Chapter 17 Economics of Strategic Management

PART V Advanced Decisions
Chapter 18 Game Theory and Strategic Choices
Chapter 19 Decisions Involving Uncertainty
Chapter 20 Decisions Involving Private Information

Part VI Macroeconomic Foundations and the Long Run
Chapter 21 Sizing Up the Economy Using GDP
Chapter 22 Economic Growth
Chapter 23 Unemployment
Chapter 24 Inflation and Money

Part VII Micro Foundations of Macroeconomics
Chapter 25 Consumption and Saving
Chapter 26 Investment
Chapter 27 The Financial Sector: Banks, Bonds, and Stocks
Chapter 28 International Finance and the Exchange Rate

Part VIII The Business Cycle
Chapter 29 Tracking the Business Cycle
Chapter 30 Linking Interest Rates and Output Using IS-MP Analysis
Chapter 31 The Phillips Curve and Inflation
Chapter 32 The Fed Model: Putting it All Together
Chapter 33 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Part IX Macroeconomic Policy
Chapter 34 Monetary Policy
Chapter 35 Government Spending, Taxes, and Fiscal Policy
Appendix: A Closer Look at Aggregate Expenditure and the Multiplier


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Betsey Stevenson; Justin Wolfers | Second Edition | ©2023 | ISBN:9781319419936

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