Create Your Own Course Materials

Creating course-tailored content—such as textbooks, assessments, and videos—offers students a targeted, personalized learning experience. We’re here to help you create the perfect teaching materials designed specifically to align with your course objectives and student needs.

A photograph shows a group of students involved in a discussion at a table while reading books and using laptops. Two students and a professor are visible in the background.

Three Easy Steps to Getting Started

Macmillan Learning’s Custom team supports you through the whole customization process and ensures the end result is uniquely yours!


Connect with a Specialist

Consult with a Custom Specialist to discuss your curriculum, students’ needs, goals, content, and timeline. They’ll be able to provide recommendations, showcase features, and initiate the customization process.


Create and Develop Your Content

Begin customizing your resources to fit the needs of your course and students. A dedicated Account Manager will assist every step of the way and ensure the final product aligns with your vision.


Begin Using Your Custom Content

Once you’re happy with your custom solution, you can integrate it with Macmillan Learning’s digital learning platform, Achieve, your LMS, or have it printed. Even after resources are published to Achieve, there are editing tools available to instructors so you can modify the content as your needs change

Digital and Print Capabilities for Your Course

Macmillan Learning’s custom solutions provide both digital and print options to help you teach your course, your way. Below are a few popular customization options, but we offer much more! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us to learn how we can bring your vision to life.

Achieve Editable E-books

With Achieve Editable e-books, you can author your own content and edit it whenever you need to—even after publishing it to Achieve. Achieve Editable e-books offer the added benefit of making your course accessible, engaging, and impactful using Achieve’s interactive elements and assessments. Our customizable e-books are available to print so students can bring the necessary materials to class.

Assignments and Assessments

Our custom team can create questions and custom assessments for you based on your needs. If you would rather create assignments and assessments yourself, our robust question banks are available to supplement your custom assessments.

Interactive Modules

Create interactive modules where your e-books come to life. Ask questions and add interactives into your e-books, such as changing graphs, guided questions, and more!

Data-driven Smart Worksheet

For STEM instructors wanting to use a custom textbook, we can create custom Smart Worksheets to include in your textbook or in other assignments. Our student-entered data worksheets guide students through questions with adaptive hints, real-time checks, and interactive graphing. These auto-graded assignments save instructors and teaching assistants time manually reviewing, help students improve their data analysis skills, and deliver timely and consistent grading to students, leading to higher success rates.

A screenshot of Lesson 14, Exercise 1, Central Auditory Pathways, shows a question and a corresponding transverse section of the brain with blank spaces for label placement. A word bank with 11 words is located on the right, along with a submit button.

Media and Graphic Creation

Our Media team can create videos and graphics, or work with you to enhance your own! Whatever your needs, our Media team is equipped to help you craft the perfect illustrations, graphics, videos, and other design pieces to fit your course’s needs.

An illustration categorizes fruits into two: dry and fleshy. Dry fruits are further divided into dehiscent (legume, follicle, and capsule) and indehiscent (samara, achene, nut, and grain). Fleshy fruits include pome, pepo, hesperidium, berry, and drupe.

Student Engagement with iClicker

For most *Achieve courses, the iClicker student engagement system is included at no added expense, enabling mobile and laptop interactive quizzing and polling capabilities for in-person or remote classes, along with automatically generated study tools. iClicker can also gather feedback from students, assess student understanding levels, and generate study materials based on questions asked in class.

*Achieve is Macmillan Learning’s digital courseware.

A screenshot of a multiple-choice question reads

Build Your Own Textbook or Manuscript

For instructors who want to create a unique textbook or manuscript, our customization process equips you with everything you need from start to finish. First, you’ll begin by reviewing and selecting content from Macmillan Learning's extensive resource library or upload your own authored materials. Next, our custom experts will help organize the contents into the order that you prefer and can help design your cover and title. Once you’re satisfied with the product, we will submit your work to be printed—it's that easy!

We offer extensive copy editing and typesetting services, and can also create an Achieve course tailored to your manuscript or textbook.

A screenshot shows the editing of the Resources and References pages of an E-book under Achieve Editable E-books. An arrow from an uneditable page leads to a page with several annotations for editing finally leading to an edited page.

Create Illustrations

Our design team provides custom illustrations for your custom teaching resources. Choose from our catalog of existing images or enlist our team to create a new image for you.

A two-part illustration shows the superior and lateral views of the brain. The superior view shows the left and right cerebral hemispheres along with lobes, sulci, and fissures. The lateral view shows the various areas, lobes, sulci, gyri, et cetera.

Disciplines That We Cover

Each discipline has its own unique set of resources and customization capabilities that are designed to provide you and your students with engaging, hands-on course materials. Learn more about your customizing your discipline below.

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See How Peers Have Customized Their Courses

Creating engaging, interactive teaching materials doesn’t need to be difficult. See how other instructors and institutions have created and customized their unique teaching tools.

University of Western Ontario Logo

University of Western Ontario

CHEM 1301A and CHEM 1302AB

Instructors in the First Year Chemistry program at Western built their ideal course with four projects that complemented their program, including digital and print resources for lectures and lab components. The lecture textbooks (in the form of workbooks) are spiral-bound and printed horizontally in a two-column format to encourage students to take notes during class. The lab manual includes specially designed in-class assignments (“Submit In The Lab” sheets) to help gauge student mastery in the lab. The digital lab component includes a custom-built assessment for each lab, as well as a Smart Worksheet that’s tailored to each experiment.

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