Customize Macmillan Learning’s Resources to Fit Your Course

Customizing Macmillan Learning resources gives you the power to modify existing materials to fit your specific curriculum, add teaching materials you’ve created, and combine different resources to create a unique solution.

The result? A custom-made, streamlined learning experience that is perfect for your students

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Solutions That Meet You Where You Are

In Person

Macmillan Learning's custom solutions provide you and your students with high-quality course materials that are available in both print and digital formats.


Teaching a hybrid course? No worries! Our versatile materials can support your students in the classroom and from home, with access to e-books, videos, and assessments at their fingertips.


For those learning from home, our online digital solution, Achieve, allows students to access course materials and complete assignments remotely. Plus, with the iClicker student engagement system included with most Achieve courses, students can stay connected and engaged with features like guided group learning activities and interactive polling.

Digital and Print Capabilities for Your Course

Macmillan Learning gives several options for digital and print resources. See how instructors often want to customize their courses. Click each feature below to learn more.

Achieve Custom

Intermediate Achieve Custom

Intermediate Achieve Customization allows you to seamlessly blend Macmillan Learning materials into your Achieve course, tailoring the content to meet your specific teaching needs. In addition, it provides the flexibility to add selected chapters to Achieve products that aren't tied to a specific book. This customization extends to combining Achieve Lab Simulations with lecture courses within the same discipline, creating a comprehensive learning environment for students. Furthermore, you can enrich your Achieve Essentials courses with iClicker integration, enhancing interactivity and engagement in the classroom.

Moderate Achieve Custom

Moderate Achieve Customization allows you to add full Macmillan Learning ePubs to book-specific Achieve products, incorporate publisher-provided content from another Achieve course — such as assessments, videos, and LearningCurve activities — and modify pre-built LearningCurve activities. You also can include your own authored content as a stand-alone section in readings and offline ePub, as well as integrate your videos with closed captioning.

Advanced Achieve Custom

Advanced Achieve Customization allows you to incorporate a custom ePub with your own authored content and materials, providing students with a unique textbook experience both in readings and offline ePub. You can also combine full e-books or chapters from Macmillan Learning into one custom edition ePub, and you have the option to include trade readings from the Macmillan Author Program into the e-book. For a more interactive learning experience, you can add LearningCurve activities you've personally created.

Customizable E-books

Intermediate E-book Customization

Intermediate e-book Customization allows you to incorporate school-specific book cover designs and publisher-provided supplements to either the front or back of your e-books. You also have the option to remove chapters from existing books and customize the table of contents accordingly for a more tailored, personalized reading experience. If you have custom print books, the customization option allows for their conversion to PDF e-books, and their digital versions can then be delivered via platforms like Vitalsource, Redshelf, or an Inclusive Access partner, ensuring easy access for all readers. Please note that such conversions require a third-party permissions review and approval.

Moderate E-book Customization

With Moderate e-book Customization, you can include up to 100 pages of your own authored materials to the front or back matter of Macmillan Learning textbooks. This option also provides editorial, composition, and ePub conversion services, taking care of the technical aspects so you can focus solely on creating engaging content. Plus, our Custom team can create custom cover design work for your course materials, adding an extra layer of professionalism and personalization to your resources.

Advanced E-book Customization

Advanced e-book Customization allows you to combine chapters from various Macmillan Learning textbooks to craft a version that aligns perfectly with your course. Additionally, you can add your own authored materials or third-party content, and even include over 100 pages of your material anywhere in the e-book. The platform also provides editorial, composition, cover design, alt-text authoring, and ePub conversion services for a professional finish.

Custom Lab Simulations

Elevate your lab courses with our custom capabilities! With this customization option, you have the flexibility to edit existing lab manuals to meet your specific course requirements, ensuring the content is relevant and useful for your students. Additionally, you can enrich lab manuals by adding up to 64 pages of personally authored content. To learn more about customizing for your lab course, visit our Lab Solutions page or contact us to get started.

English Achieve for Readers and Writers + E-book

Choose an English title that does not have its own Achieve course to be added to Achieve for Readers and Writers, both in the course and offline. As a primary service, additional customization options are not available.


Macmillan Learning offers several options for printed, custom materials to fit what you need for your course. We offer different binding styles, perforated pages, carbonless pages, and much more! Contact us to learn about all of our print options and what might work best for your course.

Branding and Design

Design and brand your custom printed resources to reflect your institution’s identity and maintain a professional appearance.

Two book page examples that show easy-to-read fonts, a color palette of blacks and grays, a cohesive presentation, repeating themes, appropriate white space, alignment, line-length and margins.

Disciplines That We Cover

Each discipline has its own unique set of resources and customization capabilities that are designed to provide you and your students with engaging, hands-on course materials. Learn more about your customizing your discipline below.

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Learn why Christine chooses to use a Macmillan Learning custom textbook and how it has enriched her students' learning experiences.

I believe that this is the most comprehensive textbook that I have used with my course, with my students. They are able to use that information that is in the textbook and apply that information to the online component that accompanies the textbook as well.”

-Christine Lamb

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