Orchestrate Learning with Ease

New Achieve enhancements simplify the process of course setup, engagement, and assessment. These enhancements provide the flexibility required to attain desired student outcomes – both in the current term and beyond.

New for 2023

Reusing Content Across Courses

Save time and effort by copying and reusing saved work such as custom assessments created and included in an Achieve course to another course — all with just a few clicks! You can quickly customize your courses by drawing from already-created work, making it easier to deliver unique and impactful lessons tailored to your student's needs.

Adjust Due Dates Across Terms

Set up your new courses with ease by carrying over assignment dates from previous terms or sections. You can easily reset the due dates for all assignments based on the first assignment's date — or choose not to copy over any dates at all! This eliminates the need to manually input each individual due date, making it much easier to set up your course.

Batch Shift Due Date

Effortlessly manage multiple assignments by using our Batch Shift Due Dates feature. Save yourself valuable time and eliminate the hassle of manually adjusting each deadline individually. This feature is especially effective when setting up sections with slightly different deadlines or addressing unforeseen circumstances that impact an entire set of due dates.

TA Role

You can now add TAs to your courses and grant them grading permissions while limiting other instructor rights. This streamlines course management by enabling TAs to interact with the Gradebook as "restricted instructors," allowing easy addition or removal of TAs as needed.

Bulk Due Date Extension

Save time by extending due dates in bulk for entire sets of Achieve assignments — for individuals or groups of students. This is particularly helpful in cases where students are having difficulty completing a set of assignments within its assigned timeline. By extending the due date for the set of assignments you can give more time without having extensive work to manually adjust each assignment’s due date one by one.

Drag and Drop Due Date Extension from Calendar

With this extension feature, assignment due dates can be easily adjusted for individual students, groups, or the entire class straight from the calendar. This handy tool streamlines the process, saving time and making it simpler than ever to grant extensions.

Reopen and Reset Timed Quizzes

Timed quizzes can be reopened and reset so students can smoothly resume their progress or start over. Available on all types of quizzes (including Multi-Take Quiz) this enhancement streamlines quiz retakes and accommodates students' needs without adding a lot of work for you.

Interactive Video Assessment

Introduce your students to concepts with a new, engaging assessment experience that intersperses knowledge check questions within high-quality video content. This feature offers visibility into students' assessment experiences while addressing the rising need for immersive learning. This feature offers visibility into students' assessment experiences while addressing the rising need for immersive learning and is available within a growing set of courses.

Video Exploration Assessments

(Limited to Developmental Psychology for Now)

This enhanced version of interactive activities (formerly known as “Video Activities”) combines valuable, engaging content with assessment questions. Gain visibility into your student's work and guide them as they progress, creating a more effective and comprehensive learning experience.

Accessibility and User Interface updates for Writing Tools

Experience improved guidance and support in setting up and managing writing assignments. Our improved usability and design features make it simple to navigate, create writing assignments, and monitor student progress.

Assessment Response Tab

New navigation makes it easier for you to locate and access essential Assessment data. This change prioritizes what you need by making student insights even easier to find.

Pre-created Quizzing in iClicker

iClicker Pre-Created Quizzing bolsters iClicker's support for quizzing by adding the ability to pre-create multiple quizzes at a time and launch and deliver them within the iClicker application. With question randomization, the ability to create many quizzes at once, to have both short answer and multiple choice questions, auto-grade, and integrate into the LMS - this is a helpful tool to add to your assessment approach.

iClicker Groups

iClicker Groups make it easy for you set up and conduct group activities and manage group collaborations. This new polling feature guides students through consensus-building, promotes peer-to-peer learning, and ensures every voice is heard. By requiring consensus before answer submission, it encourages active participation by all group members and interaction among students, and helps to add the value of group learning — only a click away on the iClicker toolbar. (As a reminder, iClicker is included at no extra fee to students in many Achieve courses.)

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Creating Closer Connections

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