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10 Steps to Connect with Students Throughout the Semester

Building rapport with students fosters engagement. Here are 10 steps to building meaningful connections with students not only on day one of class but also throughout the semester.

Derek Wiebke   |  Aug, 2023

New Research Shows That Setting Goals Helps Students Do Better in Their Classes

New research by Macmillan Learning found that goal-setting and reflection can significantly improve students' academic success.

Marisa Bluestone  |  Aug, 2023

Our Responsibility to Foster Student Belonging, Engagement and Equality

We will never tire of the things we learn from working directly with students and educators. Learn more about the student stories that motivate us at Macmillan Learning from Executive Vice President Chuck Linsmeier.

Chuck Linsmeier |  Aug, 2023

An Educator's Guide to Creating Inclusive Environments and Fostering Equitable Opportunities

An Educator's Guide to Creating Inclusive Environments and Fostering Equitable Opportunities

Knowing how to drive meaningful change can be difficult. Our free educators guide offers a range of research-informed strategies to help you build more representative, inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Macmillan Learning  |  Jul, 2023

A Quick Guide to Student Engagement

A Quick Guide to Student Engagement

If you are struggling with student engagement you are not alone! That is why we've pulled together some simple tips and research considerations to help you improve engagement with your students.

Macmillan Learning  |  Jul, 2023

A Guide to Increasing Academic Integrity Through Your Course Design

A Guide to Increasing Academic Integrity Through Your Course Design

Our free educator's guide offers 6 simple steps to building a learning environment that promotes academic integrity and prevents student misconduct.

Macmillan Learning  |  Jul, 2023

Adding Relevance to a Biology Lab Experience With Plastic Waste and Social Media

Find out how guest blogger Justin Shaffer used the theme of plastic waste to introduce his students to laboratory methods and data analysis skills.

Justin Shaffer  |  May, 2023

Macmillan Learning Author Spotlight: Kelley M. H. Young

Read our full interview with Kelley M. H. Young, co-author of Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight and assistant teaching professor at University of Notre Dame.

Derek Wiebke  |  May, 2023

Supporting Students in Recognising the Value of Peer Review

How do we persuade our students that peer review is valuable? Guest blogger Tanya Rodrigue as some practical tips for the classroom.

Tanya Rodrigue‌  |  Apr, 2023

Letting Students Do the Teaching (and Learning) with Collaborative Learning Activities

Explore the benefits of collaborative learning for students and check out some examples of learning activities.

Symphonie Swift  |  Mar, 2023

Climate Change's Home in Introductory Biology

Climate change is one of the most pressing and urgent issues in our world today, and it's one that students should learn about.

Jim Morris  |  Mar, 2023

Biology is for Everyone: Improving Biology Education through a Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this webinar, Jim Morris will discuss practices he uses regularly in his large introductory biology class to include all students.

Jim Morris  |  Feb, 2023