With real data embedded deeply within our titles students are able to engage with relevant examples.Our key titles focus on challenges observed in the modern classroom, rather than retrofitting antiquated practices to fit the present-day student. Concentrated on clear presentation of essential concepts and the ranges of mathematical applications our titles provide a balanced base for understanding Mathematics and Statistics.

Achieve for Mathematics

Achieve is our online learning system backed by extensive development and research. Proven to increase student engagement and boost performance.

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Two screenshots of the online Achieve platform view the course plan of Sullivan, Miranda: Calculus Early Transcendentals book in the back and the insights section of Rogawski, Adams, and Franzosa: Calculus Early Transcendentals 4 e book in the front.

Achieve offers:

Access to the ebook to download, read and virtually annotate for a completely flexible experience
Course and book-specific resources resources including adaptive quizzing to personalise the experience for students
A grade book, assignable assessments with targeted feedback, insights and reporting, instructor resources - all with seamless integration options.
Integrated with iClicker so that instructors and students can benefit in class and remotely from an industry leading student response system.
A circular icon for dynamic figures shows an upright triangle at the center. Dynamic figures powered by Desmos provide hands-on interactives with associated assessment allow students to explore graphical relationships and develop stronger visualization skills.
A circular icon for the Maths Palette displays four mathematical symbols, each presented in a square. In the clockwise direction, the symbols are plus, equals, multiplication, and minus. The “Maths Palette” provides formatting support and keyboard shortcuts. This tool adapts to the content of the problem, bringing forward the most appropriate buttons so students focus on the maths, not the formatting.

New 2023 Math Titles

A book cover titled RECONCEPTUALIZING Mathematics For Elementary School Teachers, fourth edition, authored by Judith Sowder, Larry Sowder, Susan Nickerson, and Lan Whitacre has an animated photograph of a hexagonal overlapped glass lattice.

Reconceptualizing Mathematics