Our acclaimed textbooks cover the history of the world’s economics and keep pace with the ongoing developments. Our passionate authors employ various pedagogical methods to engage students in economics, highlighting the implications of economic policy and theory in everyday life. Our groundbreaking first edition textbook by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers has demonstrated a powerful new way of thinking about and teaching economics to this generation of student economists.

The Key to Student Success

Watch Betsey Stevenson, distinguished economist and co- author of Principles of Economics, outline her recipe for guaranteed student success.

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Achieve for Economics

Achieve is our online learning system backed by extensive development and research. Proven to increase student engagement and boost performance.

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Achieve offers:

Access to the ebook to download, read and virtually annotate for a completely flexible experience
Course and book-specific resources resources including adaptive quizzing to personalise the experience for students
A grade book, assignable assessments with targeted feedback, insights and reporting, instructor resources - all with seamless integration options.
Integrated with iClicker so that instructors and students can benefit in class and remotely from an industry leading student response system.
Step by step graphing tools that support students in grasping how graphs are built.
Econofact activities bring relevant economic and policy analysis to the principles course.

New 2023 Economics Titles

A book cover titled PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS, SECOND EDITION by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers shows several icons like home, bulb, bus, avocado, mobile, sofa, et cetera. The logo of MacMillan Learning is present on the bottom right.

Principles of Economics

A book cover titled Essentials of Economics, Sixth Edition by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells shows a photograph of a lush green field implanted with three windmills. There is a logo of Macmillan Learning on the bottom right.

Essentials of Economics