Achieve Labs for Interactive General Chemistry 2.0 (Twelve-Months Online; International Edition)

Second Edition

Publication Date: April 20, 2022

Achieve ISBN: 9781319467289


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This ready-to-use solution for a complete general chemistry lab course gathers all experiments, resources, and assessments in one convenient platform, saving instructors from having to cobble a course together from a variety of sources. The course combines pre-lab activities, in-lab quizzing, and...
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ISBN: 9781319467289
Achieve Labs for Interactive General Chemistry 2.0 (Twelve-Months Online; International Edition)


Lab 1 Lab Measurements
Lab 2 Density
Lab 3 Empirical Formula
Lab 4 Stoichiometry
Lab 5 Stoichiometry Titration
Lab 6 Enthalpy
Lab 7 Gas Laws
Lab 8  Lewis Structures and VSEPR
Lab 9  Quantum Model
Lab10  Qualitative Analysis Part 1
Lab 11 Qualitative Analysis Part 2
Lab 12 Colligative Properties
Lab 13 Chemical Kinetics
Lab 14 Beer's Law
Lab 15 Chemical Equilibrium
Lab 16 Le Chatelier's Principle
Lab 17 Acid-Base Titration Curves
Lab 18 Buffers
Lab 19 Solubility Product Constant
Lab 20 Electrochemistry

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