Introduction to Geospatial Technology

Sixth Edition

Publication Date: April 30, 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781319498627

Pages: 640

A foundational introduction to the field with the latest in geographic technologies.

Introduction to Geospatial Technologies demonstrates the wide range of geographic technologies available to and used by geographers today. Each chapter contains an introduction to the key concepts and a lab activity, so that in addition to gaining a basic foundation of knowledge,...

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ISBN: 9781319511975
Introduction to Geospatial Technology


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ISBN: 9781319498627
Introduction to Geospatial Technology


Part 1 Geospatial Data and GPS
1 It’s a Geospatial World Out There
2 Where in the Geospatial World Are You?
3 Getting Your Data to Match the Map
4 Finding Your Location with the Global Positioning System

Part 2 Geographic Information Systems
5 Working with Digital Geospatial Data and GIS
6 Using GIS for Spatial Analysis
7 Using GIS to Make a Map
8 Getting There More Quickly with Geospatial Technology

Part 3 Remote Sensing
9 Remotely Sensed Images from Above
10 How Remote Sensing Works
11 Images from Space
12 Studying Earth’s Climate and Environment from Space

Part 4 Geospatial Applications
13 Digital Landscaping
14 See the World in 3D
15 Life in the Geospatial Cloud

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Bradley A. Shellito | Sixth Edition | ©2023 | ISBN:9781319519469

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