Fourth Edition

Publication Date: April 15, 2024

Paperback ISBN: 9781319544294

Pages: 636

Like no other digital product  for the intermediate microeconomics course, Goolsbee, Levitt, and Syverson’s Microeconomics helps students see the difference between theory and practice.

Goolsbee, Levitt, and Syverson’s text helps answer two critical questions students ask, "Do people and firms really act as theory suggests" and "How can someone use microeconomics in a practical way?"

The authors teach in economics departments and business schools and are active empirical

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Microeconomics 4e & Achieve for Microeconomics 4e (2-Term Access; International Edition)


Part I
Chapter 1 Adventures in Microeconomics
Chapter 2 Supply and Demand
Appendix 2A (Achieve only) The Calculus of Equilibrium and Elasticities
Chapter 3 Using Supply and Demand to Analyze markets
Appendix 3A (Achieve only) The Calculus of Consumer and Producer Surplus

Part II
Chapter 4 Consumer Behavior
Appendix 4A The Calculus of Utility Maximization and Expenditure Minimization
Appendix 4B (Achieve only)   The Mathematics of Utility Functions
Chapter 5 Individual and Market Demand
Appendix 5A The Calculus of Utility Maximization and Expenditure Minimization
Appendix 5B (Achieve only)   The Calculus of Demand
Chapter 6 Producer Behavior
Appendix 6A  The Calculus of Cost Minimization
Appendix 6B (Achieve only)  The Calculus of Production Functions
Chapter 7 Costs
Appendix 7A The Calculus of a Firms Cost Structure
Appendix 7B (Achieve only) The Calculus of a Firms Cost Structure Expanded

Part III
Chapter 8 Supply in a Competitive Market
Appendix 8A (Achieve only) The Calculus of Long-Run Competitive Equilibria
Chapter 9 Market Power and Monopoly
Appendix 9A The Calculus of Profit Maximization
Chapter 10 Pricing Strategies for Firms with Market Power
Appendix 10A (Achieve only) The Calculus of Price Strategies
Chapter 11 Imperfect Competition
Appendix 11A (Achieve only) The Calculus of Cournot and Differentiated Bertrand Competition Equilibrium
Chapter 12 Game Theory
Appendix 12A (Achieve only) The Mathematics of Mixed Strategies in Game Theory
Chapter 13 Factor Markets

Part IV
Chapter 14 Investment, Time, and Insurance
Chapter 15 General Equilibrium
Chapter 16 Asymmetric Information
Chapter 17 Externalities
Chapter 18 Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Math Review Appendix
Solutions to Review Questions
Solutions to Select End-of-Chapter Problems

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