Sixth Edition

Publication Date: April 30, 2023

Paperback ISBN: 9781319498634

Pages: 800

An engaging introduction to psychology

Written by a world-renowned team of psychologists, this bestselling textbook brings students the latest developments across the entire discipline of psychology - from the fundamental principles of psychology as a science, to more nuanced approaches in core disciplines such as cognitive,...

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Chapter 1: Evolution of Psychological Science
Chapter 2: Methods in Psychology
Chapter 3: Neuroscience and Behavior
Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception
Chapter 5: Consciousness
Chapter 6: Memory
Chapter 7: Learning
Chapter 8: Emotion and Motivation
Chapter 9: Language and Thought
Chapter 10: Intelligence
Chapter 11: Development
Chapter 12: Personality
Chapter 13: Social Psychology
Chapter 14: Stress and Health
Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders
Chapter 16: Treatment of Psychological Disorders
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Test Bank for Psychology

Daniel Schacter; Daniel Gilbert; Matthew Nock | Sixth Edition | ©2023 | ISBN:9781319473990

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