Thinking About Psychology, High School Version

Fourth Edition

Publication Date: February 08, 2019

Hardcover ISBN: 9781464186547

Pages: 688

Emphasizing psychology as a science

Written by a distinguished team of teachers, this fourth edition of Thinking About Psychology reflects up-to-date DSM-5 content and research, emphasizes psychology as a science, answers goal-oriented guiding questions, and provides a vast amount of assessment opportunities for students to

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Thinking About Psychology, High School Version


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ISBN: 9781464186547
Thinking About Psychology, High School Version


MODULE 1 Thinking About Psychology

Domain 1 - Scientific Inquiry

MODULE 2 History and Perspectives in Psychological Science

MODULE 3 Research Strategies

MODULE 4 Psychologys Statistics

Domain 2 - Biopsychology

MODULE 5 The Nervous System and the Endocrine System

MODULE 6 The Brain

MODULE 7 Sensation

MODULE 8 Perception

MODULE 9 Sleep, Dreams, and Body Rhythms

MODULE 10 Psychoactive Drugs

MODULE 11 Hypnosis and Other States of Consciousness

Domain 3 - Development and Learning

MODULE 12 Prenatal and Childhood Development

MODULE 13 Adolescence

MODULE 14 Adulthood and Aging

MODULE 15 Language Development

MODULE 16 Classical Conditioning

MODULE 17 Operant Conditioning

MODULE 18 Observational Learning

Domain 4 - Sociocultural

MODULE 19 Social Thinking and Social Influence

MODULE 20 Social Relations

MODULE 21 Nature and Nurture in Psychology

MODULE 22 The Psychology of Culture and Gender

Domain 5 - Cognition

MODULE 23 Information Processing

MODULE 24 Forgetting and Memory Construction

MODULE 25 Thinking

MODULE 26 Intelligence and Intelligence Testing

Domain 6 - Individual Variations

MODULE 27 Motivation

MODULE 28 Emotion

MODULE 29 Psychodynamic and Humanistic Perspectives on Personality

MODULE 30 Trait and Social- Cognitive Perspectives on Personality

MODULE 31 Introduction to Psychological Disorders

MODULE 32 Anxiety and Mood Disorders

MODULE 33 Dissociative, Schizophrenic, and Personality Disorders

Domain 7 - Applications of Psychological Science

MODULE 34 Psychological Therapies

MODULE 35 Biomedical Therapies

MODULE 36 Effects of Stress

MODULE 37 Promoting Wellness

Appendix A: Careers in Psychology

Appendix B: Answers to Summative Assessment Questions



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