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At Macmillan Learning, we pay as much attention to the resources we develop for teachers as we do to the books and media we create for students. By creating an Instructor Account with us you’ll be able to request access to our instructor’s manuals, iClicker questions, Lecture and Image Slides, and more. (The only exception to this are our premium resources—test banks and solutions manuals—which we provide to adopters only.) Resources vary by discipline and title—search for your title and look for the Instructor Resources tab to see what’s available. And get what you need at the front of the class by registering with us!

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LaunchPad and Achieve

For the full suite of instructor resources for your title, request access to LaunchPad or Achieve. These digital platforms include all instructor resources, help teachers customize meaningful lessons and lectures, and come with a wide range of assessment tools. A gradebook also tracks student performance individually and for the whole class, helping you prepare for class and one-on-one discussions. 


iClicker Questions

The iClicker classroom response system offers simple, flexible tools to help you give students a voice and facilitate active learning in the classroom, and quickly take attendance. Select titles include a set of iClicker Questions among instructor resources. Students can participate with the devices they already bring to class using our iClicker mobile app (which works with smartphones, tablets, or laptops) or iClicker remotes.


Lecture Slides

Accessible, downloadable presentation slides provide support for key concepts and themes from the text and can be used as is or customized to fit a professor’s needs.


Image Slides and Tables

Presentation slides feature chapter photos, illustrations and tables and can be used as is or customized to fit a professor’s needs. Alt text for images is available upon request via

in class

In-Class Activities

Activities provide prompts for students to use in class in small groups or as individuals.


Instructor’s Resource Manuals

Downloadable PDF manuals include a range of resources, such as chapter outlines or summaries, teaching tips, discussion starters, sample syllabi, assignment suggestions, and classroom activities.


Learning Objectives

Select titles include correlations that map chapter content to discipline-specific learning objectives.


Solutions Manuals

PDF manuals provide solutions to discipline-specific question sets.


Test Banks

FOR ADOPTERS ONLY. Test banks can include a full assortment of question types by chapter—true/false, short-answer, multiple-choice, and essay questions. Some test banks also identify the level of difficulty for each question and connects questions to learning objectives.

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Video Collections

Closed captioned videos bring textbook concepts to life and can be used before or during class.