England's Glorious Revolution 1688-1689
First Edition   ©2006

England's Glorious Revolution 1688-1689

A Brief History with Documents

Steven C. A. Pincus (Yale University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-16714-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-16714-1; Format: Paper Text, 208 pages

England's Glorious Revolution is a fresh and engaging examination of the Revolution of 1688–1689, when the English people rose up and deposed King James II, placing William III and Mary II on the throne. Steven Pincus's introduction explains the context of the revolution, why these events were so stunning to contemporaries, and how the profound changes in political, economic, and foreign policies that ensued make it the first modern revolution. This volume offers 40 documents from a wide array of sources and perspectives including memoirs, letters, diary entries, political tracts, pamphlets, and newspaper accounts, many of which are not widely available. Document headnotes, questions for consideration, a chronology, a selected bibliography, and an index provide further pedagogical support.
“This is a terrific collection. It succeeds in communicating the excitement of the Revolution of 1688 and just how much was at stake in this ‘regime change.’ It makes it possible to teach not only the Revolution of 1688 but also the entire late 17th century in a more compelling way. It also beautifully shows the connections between constitutional, economic, religious, and foreign policy issues.”
— Rachel Weil
Cornell University