Victors and Vanquished
Second Edition   ©2018

Victors and Vanquished

Spanish and Nahua Views of the Fall of the Mexica Empire

Stuart B. Schwartz (Yale University) , Tatiana Seijas (Pennsylvania State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-09485-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-09485-0; Format: Paper Text, 288 pages

The new edition of Victors and Vanquished highlights recent advances in the field of Mesoamerican ethnohistory that allow for a more thorough and nuanced understanding of the fall of the Mexica empire. A revised introduction is followed by eight chronological sections that illuminate the major events and personalities in this powerful historical episode and reveal the changing attitudes toward European expansionism. Within each section, the authors have added a number of new text and visual sources designed to enrich and reframe the story of the conflict. Readers of the revised edition will also find updated section introductions and headnotes, and study questions for students. A list of the principal individuals mentioned in the texts, a glossary of Indigenous language terms, and a new bibliography as a guide to further research are also included.

"[This volume] fills a gap in the historical literature by bringing together Spanish and Nahua accounts in a way that respects the original texts...while also providing succinct undergrad-friendly and up-to-date introductory analysis."
Matthew Restall, Pennsylvania State University