Experiencing the Thirty Years War
First Edition   ©2013

Experiencing the Thirty Years War

A Brief History with Documents

Hans Medick (University of Erfurt) , Benjamin Marschke (Humboldt State University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-53505-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-53505-6; Format: Paper Text, 206 pages

One of the most momentous and destructive wars in European history, the Thirty Years War has long been studied for its diplomatic, political, and military consequences. Yet the actual participants in this religiously motivated, seemingly endless conflict have largely been ignored. Hans Medick and Benjamin Marschke reveal the Thirty Years War from the perspective of those who lived it. Their introduction provides important insights into the roiling religious and political landscape from which the war emerged, as well as a thoughtful examination of the war's stages and enduring significance. An unprecedented collection of personal accounts, many of them translated for the first time into English, combine with visual sources to convey directly to students the experience of early modern warfare. Incisive document headnotes, maps and illustrations, a chronology, questions to consider, and a bibliography enrich students' understanding of this fateful war.

"Experiencing the Thirty Years War provides the best undergraduate introduction available to its subject. It allows students to learn about the experience of the war directly from the evidence of participants. This book would be ideal for my Western civilization course."

— Dan Beaver, Pennsylvania State University