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The MPS Difference. At MPS, we value our partnership with each campus bookstore. That’s why we have been working harder than ever to ensure that the publishing programs at MPS support your efforts. In addition to our very popular rush reorder program (SPEED), we offer a wide variety of collaborative programs to ensure you have the highest level of service and support every term. We realize that you work with many different vendors and that order programs vary. We want to take a moment to review the policies and procedures that we offer and that we believe set us apart.



The SPEED Reorder incentive program is offered three times per year during the winter, spring, and fall semesters. 

Freight will be prepaid by MPS. We will ship 2-day and bill customers for normal ground costs. This promotion applies ONLY to reorders of titles ordered within the last 90 days, and total order must not ex ceed 300 pounds. Bookstores must specify the word "SPEED" in all orders (Pubnet, fax, phone, email, mail). 

Click here to download our flyer. 

Inventory in place 

Inventory-In-Place Program

We invite you to participate in our Inventory-In-Place Program, allowing you to retain excess stock rather than return it to us - without paying for that stock until February. This program applies only to college textbooks ordered for first semester classes that will be needed again for second semester. View our program flyer and form below. 

Download the details of our Inventory-in-Place Program. Download our Inventory-in-Place form. 


Macmillan Learning Consignment Rental Program


Macmillan Learning recently announced the launch of a consignment rental program with partners representing a significant majority the industry. Beginning this fall, a select set of titles will be available for rental-only (not for sale in bound textbook format) in store(s) and/or online. These titles will be set at one attractive agency rental price across the entire industry by the Publisher.

Key Agent Benefits:

  • Reap the profits of a rental program without having to purchase and own the inventory
  • Digital bundles will now be available for rental in most instances
  • Returns focus to customer service

How do you participate?

Your store(s) can immediately participate in this consignment rental program in three ways:

  1. Customized Storefront hosted by Macmillan Learning: Macmillan Learning will build a white-label online store to rent the pilot titles to your student customers, and will share a percentage of the revenue with you. Macmillan Learning will manage the inventory and point-of-rent relationship, delivery to students, and acceptance of returns. Macmillan Learning will manage reporting and revenue sharing on a monthly basis. To learn more or to get started with this option, email the Macmillan Learning Customer Service team at

  2. Partnership with 3rd Party Distributor: Indico: Macmillan Learning has entered into an agreement with IndiCo who sources and services Consignment Rental programs like this from multiple Publishers in one place for Independent operators like you. If you already have a relationship with Indico, contact your representative to add Macmillan Learning’s consignment rental program as one of your access options.

  3. Self-Managed: If you already operate and manage your own rental program and want to continue to obtain inventory directly from us, you can add a Consignment Rental feature to your existing account with us. After signing the necessary documents, you will order consignment inventory directly from us and then report and reconcile quarterly rental activity reports and payments directly to us.

We are excited to launch this new program with you. To learn more about the program, email our Customer Service team at:

First day of class 

First Day of Class

Over the past years, professors, booksellers, and publishers have all noted that fewer and fewer students are opting to purchase their course materials, with recent industry research indicating that as many as 1 of every 5 students does not buy the assigned material. The negative results have impacted not only student preparedness, success, and retention. 

So what are we doing to help? 

MPS has been working hard to partner with campus bookstores to ensure students are prepared for their courses. We believe that next to the instructor, a well-designed and thoroughly researched textbook and its supplements are the most valuable and reliable learning resources college students have at their disposal. Therefore, we want to help students understand the value of textbooks, and in turn, enhance their classroom experiences and performances. 

MPS (Bedford/St. Martin's, W. H. Freeman, and Worth Publishers) launched its First Day of Classes initiative years ago to help communicate the importance of course materials and to help professors, bookstore managers and students. 

To learn more about this program or to gain access to tools for your store, click here or contact your local sales rep for help.