Learning Science & Insights

As the Learning Insights company, we are passionate and scientific about helping students, instructors, and institutions to achieve their full potential. We use a unique combination of user-centered design, research from the learning sciences, and empirical insights from extensive data analytics and Impact Research.

How to be successful with edtech data

How to be successful with
edtech data

A short video reviewing big data in education, practical tips for success, and illuminating discoveries.

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Learning Science Foundations

Learning Science Foundations

A short video about how we’re codifying educational research and cognitive science into practical blueprints for edtech and you.

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Achieve Read & Practice

Achieve Read & Practice

The learning science behind this innovative product and the latest impact studies conducted with customers revealing how they used Read & Practice and the results they achieved.

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Our Approach

Science + Empathy + Data insights

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Co-design with students, instructors, and institutions

We co-design solutions with students, instructors, and other faculty. We begin with empathy research to deeply understand their needs, contexts, goals, and challenges. From there, we collaborate on ideation – brainstorming ideas and solutions to help them to solve their biggest problems and achieve their ambitions in the most practical and efficient ways.

How we co-design →

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Learning Research

Next, we critically assess and synthesize research in the learning sciences to guide the solution design. These “design principles” focus on motivation, cognition, and pedagogy.

How we synthesize learning research →

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Data-driven insights

We derive empirical insights into user behaviors and needs from novel anonymized data analytics and research collaborations with instructors and institutions.

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Learning Design and iterative refinement

Through the Learning Design process, we apply Learning Research to product design through a series of prototypes which are tested with students, instructors, and other faculty. This iterative refinement results in solutions that are research-based and user-centered so they are impactful, intuitive, and highly usable.

How we iteratively refine products →

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Impact Research and optimization

In beta, we begin conducting Impact Research. Through carefully designed studies, we explore variations in how students, instructors, and institutions use a product and any differences in outcomes they achieve as a result. This is used to further refine the product design and guide support and training to help students and instructors to achieve their best outcomes.

How we do impact research →

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Educational Results

The result of this empathetic and scientific approach are learning solutions that are practical, deeply intuitive, highly impactful, and help students, instructors, and institutions to achieve their very best outcomes.

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