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In honor of 15 years of EconEd, we are excited to announce a $2500 AWARD for both an outstanding Economics Student and an exceptional Economics Instructor! Additionally, the winners will be brought to EconEd on September 27th and 28th, 2024.

The student award is specifically for an Economics major, and the sponsoring instructor will also receive a trip to EconEd. The Instructor award, open to all teachers of Principles of Economics in the US, recognizes innovation in the teaching of Principles of Economics.

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Spotlight! EconEd Highlight Reel

An Interview with Tyler Cowen and Paul Krugman

EconEd is is ALWAYS interesting and relevant. This Throwback from EconEd 2018 of Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen discussing the pertinent issues of the day is one of the most popular and highly viewed sessions ever.

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Sizzle Reel! Peer Consultants Share their Favorite Student Success Stories

Who doesn’t love a great student success story? Our Peer Consultants share some of their most inspiring ones in our latest sizzle reel. We’d love to hear yours via our student contest - make sure to tell your economics majors (and minors) about our award and encourage them to apply. The winner along with their sponsoring instructor will be brought to EconEd September 27th and 28th in Chicago. The student (and instructor) awards will also give $2500 to the winners!

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Peer Consultants

Aisling Winston, PhD, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo.  Her primary field of interest is International Political Economy, with a focus on questions of trade and security, particularly between developed and developing economies.

In this 8 minute profile Aisling shares why she loves teaching, how she came to love economics, and how she has grown as an instructor over the last 5 years. It is full of great advice, ideas, and inspiration for anybody teaching Principles of Economics. 

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Achieve for Economics

Achieve for Principles of Economics supports students and instructors at every step, from the first point of contact with new content to demonstrating mastery of concepts and skills.

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EconEd Archive

Weren’t able to attend our prior conferences? No problem! We have the last decade of our fabulous EconEd sessions recorded and available to view at your leisure! Some of the most influential minds in Economics have participated in past EconEd events such as: Justin Wolfers, Betsey Stevenson, Tyler Cowen, and Paul Krugman. Watch recordings of presentations from its inception in 2013 to last year’s conference in 2022.

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