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Harnessing the Power of AI to Inspire What’s Possible for Every Learner

At Macmillan Learning, we believe that AI is not an end in itself, but a means to elevate human capabilities, enrich learning experiences, and empower educators and learners. Our approach to generative AI is human-centered, designed to amplify human potential, not replace it.

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Guiding Principles for Leveraging AI

Our approach to AI reflects our commitment to enhancing human potential through technology. We aspire to lead with empathy, innovate with purpose, and create with integrity. Specifically, our people, processes, and products are directed by the following guiding principles:

  • 1

    We are transparent and accountable in how we ethically use AI.

  • 2

    We keep humans at the center of AI oversight and control.

  • 3

    We educate people about AI safety and the risks of unethical use of AI.

  • 4

    We strictly observe data privacy and security principles.

  • 5

    We do not introduce or reinforce biases or inequalities.

  • 6

    We continually learn from experts to improve AI safety and ethics.

  • 7

    We use research-driven principles that support the human learning experience in our products and services.

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Our Perspective: AI that Supports Authentic Learning Experiences

We believe that the power of any technology rests in its ability to improve the human condition and the ways that we connect and build community. This holds true for generative AI. Below, Macmillan Learning’s senior leaders share more in-depth perspectives on our approach harnessing the power of generative AI to bring greater value to our people and products.

AI-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Resources

At Macmillan Learning, we believe that education should be dynamic, engaging, and tailored to the specific needs of every learner. Generative AI can be a transformative tool that supports humans as we teach and learn.

iClicker AI Question Creator

The wide availability of generative AI tools has made creating more novel, in-the-moment methods of assessing students’ true understanding of course concepts and skills mission-critical for many educators. iClicker’s AI Question Creator makes it easy to create assessment questions that students have never- seen before and iClicker’s floating toolbar makes deploying those unique questions easier than any other assessment tool.

Learn more about iClicker Question Creator and how to get started today!


Accelerate Your Professional Journey with The Institute at Macmillan Learning

Elevate your professional practice and gain recognition as an AI thought leader through the AI for Educators course offered by The Institute at Macmillan Learning. The course is designed to support and amplify your accomplishments on your journey to becoming an education influencer. Learn more about the course, Teaching With Generative AI: A Course for Educators, and how to get started below.

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AI-powered Tutor (Pilot)

Select Achieve users will be piloting our AI-powered personalized homework tutor that supports students when, where, and how they need it most; a bit like having a trustworthy friend by your side, transforming homework and self-study into an engaging dialogue for deeper learning.


Personal AI Student Assistant

At Macmillan Learning, we understand the critical role instructors play in shaping the future of education. That's why we're exploring an innovative AI-powered student assistant tool—to support your dedication to educational excellence. We believe technology can play a crucial role in personalizing learning experiences, facilitating better organization, and enhancing study habits, thereby cultivating an environment where every student can thrive.

Learn more about what we're working on and join us on the frontier of academic innovation. Sign up below for updates during our beta testing phase. Together, we can shape a future where technology and education go hand in hand to foster a community of focused and well-prepared students.

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