Language Power
First Edition   ©2014

Language Power

Tutorials for Writers

Dana Ferris (University of California- Davis)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-57780-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-57780-3; Format: Spiral Bound, 434 pages

Showing students the power of language choices

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Language Power helps students take control of their writing. Diagnostic activities allow students and instructors to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement. Twenty-five tutorials give students new strategies and tools for understanding and improving vocabulary usage, grammar, and style. Whether students work through Language Power on their own or instructors integrate tutorials into class lessons, the end result is the same—students come to understand their options as writers and make confident choices to communicate with their audience and achieve their goals.

Written by UC Davis professor and ESL specialist Dana Ferris, Language Power is ideal for second language learning and first-year composition and for courses that need to address both. It can be the main text for any writing course or a robust supplement.
"Its explanations and examples are accessible enough that they are not intimidating, but challenging enough that they are not condescending to students who would benefit from the support this text provides."

—Gigi Taylor, UNC Chapel Hill