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About Sapling Learning

Sapling Learning began with one core mission: to help students learn more and learn faster. Developed by university educators with decades of experience creating software and instructional content, Sapling’s online homework combines the latest interactive learning technology with industry-leading support and a focus on real, measurable results.
Sapling Learning provides interactive learning experiences for science, engineering, and economics disciplines that are proven to significantly improve student comprehension, retention and problem-solving skills. Students experience .75 to a full grade improvement using Sapling Learning.
Sapling Learning’s learning system delivers unmatched benefits and capabilities including:
  • Proven Results. Independent university studies have shown Sapling Learning improves student performance by .75 to a full letter grade.
  • Industry-leading Support. We match instructors with a Technology TA – PhD and master’s-level subject experts – to provide software and course support throughout the semester.
  • Instant Student Feedback. Our easy-to-use online homework assignments provide instant feedback and tutorials tailored to students’ responses.

  • Textbook-agnostic. Sapling Learning is not tied to a specific textbook or edition, giving instructors freedom to customize Sapling to their syllabus and students the flexibility to choose more affordable used or rental textbooks.
  • Performance Tracking. Sapling Learning grades assignments, tracks student participation and progress, and compiles performance analytics – helping instructors save time and tailor assignments to address student needs.