The Book: Images

With the help of the editorial board, our authors and editor took a careful look, page by page, at the text and photos throughout Choices & Connections to ensure that examples and content reflects the perspectives and experiences of all students who will use the book.

The editorial board helped choose new photos, like the Chapter 2 opener photo of Serena Williams pictured below. The new photo shows Williams in a joyful, triumphant pose―an empowering image that supports the chapter text about Williams’ journey toward self-confidence.


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The Book: Text

In addition to looking at photos, the editorial board gave feedback on the text. In Chapter 1, one section discusses Cesar Chavez―a leader of the United Farm Workers labor movement―as an example of a speaker who used communication to enact change in the real world. An editorial board member mentioned that this section would be even stronger if the text also included Dolores Huerta, the co-leader of the UFW labor movement.

Pictured on the left is a section of actual manuscript from Choices & Connections, Third Edition, with tracked changes by the editor. The editorial board helped us make text changes like this throughout every chapter, ensuring that diverse perspectives are represented. 


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New Topic: Coverage

Choices & Connections, Third Edition, features an extensively revised Chapter 3: Understanding Gender and Culture. Our editorial board felt that it was important to expand the book’s coverage of gender―and to do so, an inclusive, non-binary way. With the board’s help, our authors and editors created this reimagined chapter, which shows how gender and culture influence each other.

The chapter’s new Advance the Conversation scenario (pictured to the right) challenges students to navigate a difficult family situation that relates to both gender and culture. Throughout every chapter of the text, Advance the Conversation scenarios like this one challenge students to engage with chapter material and master key skills.


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