The Editorial Board

For diversity, equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive and sustaining (DEI+CRS) pedagogy

Macmillan Learning’s principles for developing learning materials has been honed through the work of the DEI+CRS Editorial Board for diversity, inclusion, and culturally responsive-sustaining pedagogy (formerly DICR Board). This Editorial Board, which first convened in 2018, grew out of a conversation between a Macmillan field representative and a professor to address bias in textbooks. The board’s work, over the course of three projects, has modeled how authors and editors can incorporate a diversity of voices to develop illustrations, examples, features, language, and pedagogy to be more inclusive, equitable, and effective for all students.

Liz Martin, Chapter Member

Watch the brief video to the right to see one board member―Professor S. Lizabeth Martin of Georgia State University―explain the board’s mission and the value of diversity and inclusion in her communication courses.

Editorial Board Projects

The Editorial Board was initially formed to guide the development of a human communication textbook: Choices & Connections, 3rd Edition. Through their work and advocacy on this and two subsequent projects, the board has been instrumental in developing, applying, and modeling the principles, processes, and standards for creating inclusive, equitable, and effective texts. Since 2018, the board has now provided editorial reviews of all or substantial parts of the following three titles:

The Board’s Statement

Our mission:

To advance and evolve our understanding of diversity, inclusiveness, and culturally responsive pedagogy and to promote their fundamental, not ancillary, place in the development of learning materials.

Diversity, inclusive, and culturally responsive pedagogy is:

When students are equipped to apply cultural knowledge to interact effectively with a diverse array of people of various abilities and backgrounds.

Diversity, inclusive, and culturally responsive pedagogy promotes:

Self-reflection and critical thinking to prepare students for global citizenship, a diverse workplace, and advocacy in various forms.

Editorial Board Members

Meet current and past members of the Editorial Board for diversity, equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy.

Prof. Tenisha Baca
Choices & Connections, Third Edition

Tenisha Baca is a Professor of Communication and a Faculty Developer for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement at Glendale Community College in Arizona. She has served the National Communication Association as a member, reviewer, co-presenter, and Western Representative for the Community College Division. In the classroom, she focuses on learner-centered teaching, and she promotes student engagement with classroom activities, discussions, and gamification.

Dr. Tim Brown
Choices & Connections, Third Edition

Dr. Timothy J. Brown is Dean of the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte. His published articles and invited presentations focus on African American culture and communication, black masculinity, and communication and sport. In 2017, he served on the National Communication Association's Learning Outcomes Project to create learning outcomes for the discipline of communication studies, which are included on pp. vii-viii in this book. In 2019, Dr. Brown was recognized as a Distinguished Teaching Fellow and a Distinguished Research Fellow by the Eastern Communication Association.

Dr. Tasha Davis
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Dr. Tasha Davis is a Professor of Communication Studies at Austin Community College. She previously taught at St. Edward's University and The University of Texas at Austin. Her publications have focused on issues of diversity and inclusion, as well as online and workplace communication.

Prof. Danielle Harkins
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Danielle Harkins is an Instructor and Department Chair for Communication Studies and Theater at Germanna Community College. She is also a faculty advisor for the S.A.G.A. student club, which advocates for LGBTQ issues.

Dr. Tina Harris
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Dr. Tina Maria Harris is the Endowed Chair of race, media, and cultural literacy at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. She formerly taught at the University of Georgia, where she was the sole recipient of the 2017-2018 Excellence in Diversity Leadership Award and was selected as a 2010 Josiah T. Meigs Teaching Professor, the highest teaching honor at UGA. In 2006, she received the Georgia Board of Regents' Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award for her work bringing culturally responsive pedagogy into her classroom.

Prof. Liz Martin
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

S. Lizabeth Martin is a Visiting Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, Atlanta. A Florida native, she previously spent 11 years as a tenured faculty member at Palm Beach State College. She is also the former president for the Florida College System Publications Association and the founder/director of the Boca Black Film Festival. In her free time she hosts a podcast, Three Ps in a Pod, about diversity, inclusivity, and culturally responsive pedagogy in the classroom.

Prof. Rody Randon
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Rody Randon is the Department Chair for Communication at Phoenix College. He routinely collaborates with faculty to create and facilitate diversity workshops for college administrators and instructors, which focus on inclusion both in and outside of an educational setting. Professor Randon is also in the process of receiving a certificate of Deaf Studies, which will allow him to realize his personal goal of becoming an American Sign Language interpreter.

Dr. Myra Washington
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Dr. Myra Washington is an Associate Professor and Director of the Communication and Journalism doctoral program at the University of New Mexico. Her research and publications focus on cultural studies, critical media and digital media studies, and representations of race and sexuality in popular culture. Her book Blasian Invasion: Racial Mixing in the Celebrity Industrial Complex (2017) examines mixed-race black/Asian people in order to reveal how race in the United States is socially constructed.

Dr. James Anderson
Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Dr. James A. Anderson served as the Chancellor of Fayetteville State University (NC) from June 2008 thru June 2019. He previously served as a Vice President or Vice Provost at SUNY – Albany, Texas A&M, North Carolina State University, and a professor of psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Xavier University in New Orleans. He received his B.A. from Villanova University where he also served on the Board of Trustees from 2000-2010. He received his Ph.D from Cornell University. His research has focused on the diversity learning styles in the classroom, student success and retention among college students, outcomes assessment, and institutional effectiveness.

Prof. Bryan M. Dewsbury
Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Bryan M. Dewsbury is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and the Principal Investigator of the Science Education And Society (SEAS) research program. This program explores the social impacts on teaching and learning particularly as they pertain to historically disenfranchised groups. He also conducts faculty development on inclusive practices and consults with institutions of higher education across North America on curriculum design and general inclusive campus practices.

Dr. Jill Robinson Kramer
Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

 Dr. Kramer is the principal consultant with JRK Consulting, LLC providing strategic planning, grant writing, and facilitating services to nonprofits and education institutions. She formerly served as Vice President for Innovation Strategy at Strada Education Network; Associate Vice President for Planning, Research, and Grants at Ivy Tech Community College; Senior Program Officer at Lumina Foundation for Education; and Adjunct Faculty at Ferris State University and Marian University.

Dr. Molly J. Scanlon
Choices & Connections, Third Edition and Your College Experience, Fourteenth Edition

Molly J. Scanlon, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication, Media, and the Arts in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University. She also served as the First-Year Experience Faculty Coordinator from 2018 - 2020. In addition to the first-year experience course, she also teaches college writing and a variety of graduate-level writing courses in the MA program: Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media. Her research interests include identity construction, visual rhetoric, faculty development, and mindfulness meditation.

Being Heard
The making of the Editorial Board

This short film provides an overview of the founding of the Editorial Board for diversity, equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy. It spotlights the board’s work and illustrates the board’s impact on both Choices & Connections and the editorial processes at Macmillan Learning. Above all, the film documents how people handle communication challenges and offers a compelling question: Can we have the courage to speak our truths, and can we hear those truths?

Additional Interviews


Liz Martin
Visiting Professor, Georgia State University

Hear from Liz about her experience as a communication professor, textbook reviewer, and member of the Editorial Board.

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Program Manager, College Success & Human Communication, Macmillan Learning

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Will Stonefield
Development Editor, Humanities, Macmillan Learning

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Georgia State University

Hear from three communication students about why inclusion is important in one’s learning, and the value of embracing difference in the classroom.

Erika Gutierrez
Senior Program Director, Communication & College Success, Macmillan Learning

Learn about the larger changes happening at Macmillan Learning.