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Achieve for Calculus redefines homework by offering guidance for every student and support for every instructor. Homework is designed to teach by correcting students’ misconceptions through targeted feedback, warnings, and detailed step-by-step solutions, helping teach students conceptual understanding and critical thinking in real-world contexts.

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We co-designed with instructors and students and identified their biggest challenges in the calculus course and we set out to solve them with engaging features that enhance critical thinking and effective problem solving skills for students.

achieve reports

Insights and Reporting

Insights and Reporting provide powerful analytics, viewable in an elegant dashboard, that offer instructors a window into student progress and facilitate lessons that are specifically tailored to students’ needs.

achieve assessment


Our proprietary grading algorithm combines our homegrown parser and the computer algebra system, SymPy. It is programmed to accept every valid equivalent answer and to trigger warnings for answers entered in an incorrect format.

achieve palette

Ease of Use

The Math Palette adapts to the content of the problem, bringing forward the most appropriate buttons so students focus on the math, not the formatting. Keyboard shortcuts and navigation make it easy for students to input their answers.

achieve feedback

Targeted Feedback

Targeted Feedback for select questions responds to wrong answers and pointedly addresses students’ misconceptions.

achieve ebook

Interactive e-Book

The interactive e-book is searchable, accessible, and downloadable--and includes Dynamic Figures and Voiceover videos, CalcClip tutorial videos and more.

achieve practice

Guided Learn and Practice

Guided Learn and Practice assignments include interactive content, CalcClip tutorial videos, and instructional feedback that help students review prerequisite and new content before they come to class.

achieve learningcurve


LearningCurve offers individualized question sets and feedback based on each student's correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

achieve gradebook


An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window into performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to give every student the support they need.

achieve figures

Dynamic Figures

Dynamic Figures, powered by Desmos, are interactive versions of figures in the text with manipulable variables.

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The result is a flexible, integrated suite of tools proven to be engaging for students of all levels of preparedness, paired with actionable insights that make students’ progress toward outcomes clear and measurable.

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Kiandra Johnson on Achieve

Kiandra Johnson of Spelman College discusses her favorite features of Achieve.

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82% of students reported actively learning in their course this semester


88% of students* reported that Achieve activities were engaging


3.26 out of 4 instructors strongly agree that Achieve can enhance learning in this course.

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