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Meeting students where they are, with content and a learning platform designed for the way they learn. Achieve is a comprehensive set of interconnected teaching and assessment tools. It incorporates the most effective elements from Macmillan’s market leading solutions—in a single, easy-to-use platform. Our resources were co-designed with instructors and students, using a foundation of learning research and rigorous testing. The resulting tools for before, during, and after class are proven to be engaging to students of all levels of preparedness, leading to better outcomes.

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Achieve is a fully mobile, accessible, flexible, modular system to help you deploy and manage all your pre-class, in-class, and post-class curriculum in one place (and integrate it with your LMS if preferred) while gathering insights from it all in a simple and powerful interface.

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achieve study plan

Diagnostics with Personalized Study Plan

Personalized study plans provides instructional resources that target each student's identified growth areas.

achieve insightful reports

Insightful Reports

Instructor reports provide insights into performance by full class, individual students and learning objectives.

achieve video

Worked Example Videos

Worked example videos created exclusively for IGC from popular YouTube educator, Tyler DeWitt, make chemistry concepts clear and understandable through the effective use of whiteboard videos.

achieve interactive


In-line interactives simulations provide students with a way to interact with the material in a hands-on way, promoting the idea of learning by doing. Acclaimed PhET Simulations from the University of Colorado, Boulder further encourage quantitative exploration, while addressing specific problem-solving needs.

achieve homework

Homework Problems

Homework problems serve as a front door to learning. Students can either answer a question immediately or study further before answering by clicking on the Resources tab to go directly to the appropriate section in the e-book. Each problem provides help in the form of hints, targeted feedback and detailed solutions to ensure every problem provides learning through practice.

achieve insight cards

Insight Cards

Insight cards provide quick views of student work in a just-in-time way keeping what is important and current right at the surface! You can drill down for more detailed views to see individual student or whole class performance.

achieve activity guides

Instructor Activity Guides

The IGC instructor activity guides were built around the Interactive General Chemistry text and interactives. Each activity guide provides at-a-glance metadata to make it easier to prepare and implement. Instructors can pair "preflection" assignments with follow-up reflection supported by pre-built clicker slide decks and/or reinforce student learning with post-activity homework assignments to follow up on the in-class activity. These flexible resources support a variety of teaching styles all emphasizing student engagement.

achieve interactives and worksheets

Interactives & Worksheets

IGC worksheets were designed to work seamlessly with a set of Interactive General Chemistry interactives. The worksheets can be used for in-class or virtual group work or individual work outside of class.

achieve iclicker integration

iClicker Integration

Prebuilt iClicker slide desks assist with instruction and help to easily facilitate reflection on activities, allowing instructors to check understanding and get feedback in real time. In addition, iClicker seamlessly integrates into the Achieve gradebook.

Using Achieve & iClicker

Testimonial from Stephanie Katz

Transitioning from Sapling to Achieve

Stephanie Katz, Chemistry Professor from Villanova University shares her experience moving from Sapling to Achieve for a summer session of general Chemistry using Interactive General Chemistry in Achieve.

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