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Our research showed that students who put in 1% more work ahead of class with Achieve pre-class activities saw a 1% increase in their final grade.


Students who complete at least 81% of their pre-class activities can expect an 8% boost on their final exam scores.

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This finding is true for all students - those less and more academically prepared to succeed.


88% of students* reported that Achieve activities were engaging


88% of students said that Achieve promotes active learning in the classroom

  • 90% of students from instructors who are new to active learning

  • 87% from veteran active learning users

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For every one point increase in active learning behaviors in the classroom, students can expect a 2.2 percentage point increase on their final exam scores on average.

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Study behaviors increased

After using Achieve, first generation students report that their study behaviors increased nearly a full point (.91) on a 4 point scale.

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STEM Active Engagement

Female students tend to actively participate less often in STEM courses than their male peers. When using Achieve female STEM students reported actively engaging at a slightly higher rate than male students (diff +.05).

Students who are less academically prepared benefit even more but all students benefit from Achieve.


There is a 12 percentage point boost in final exam scores for students who were less academically prepared.


There is a 9 percentage point boost in final exam scores for all students when they hit 81% completion of Achieve assignments.


There is a 6 percentage point boost in final exam scores for students who were more academically prepared.

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