Student Benefits

The original homework functionality of Sapling and SaplingPlus allows you to assess understanding, and give students an opportunity to learn, while doing problems.
Those problems offer:


Sapling & SaplingPlus

Student Benefits

sapling hints


Nearly every problem include hints that encourage critical thinking by providing suggestions for completing the problem without giving away the answer.

sapling feedback


Questions include wrong-answer specific feedback targeted to students’ misconceptions.

sapling solutions


Fully worked out solutions are available with every question in order to reinforce concepts and provide an in-product study guide.


Student Benefits

sapling ebook

Read the e-Book

An interactive e-book brings together the resources students need to prepare for your class, working with the textbook you’ve selected. And for most titles, students can now download the e-book to read offline, or to have read aloud to them.

sapling  learningcurve

Practice with LearningCurve

LearningCurve adaptive quizzing offers individualized question sets and feedback for each student based on his or her correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

sapling  multimedia

Study with Multimedia Resources

Each SaplingPlus includes the relevant resources for that course, including videos, animations, simulations, interactives and more.

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