Co-design with students, instructors, and institutions

We co-design solutions with students, instructors, and other faculty. We begin with empathy research to deeply understand their needs, contexts, goals, and challenges. From there, we collaborate on ideation – brainstorming ideas and solutions to help them to solve their biggest problems and achieve their ambitions in the most practical and efficient ways.


How We Co-design

We conduct rich ethnographic research to understand the diverse needs and contexts of students, instructors, administrators, and education institutions

We use a variety of research methods including interviews, surveys, shadowing, observation, diary studies, and workshops.

We co-create with students, instructors, and other college staff their real-life journeys through an entire course and their college career

This helps us to understand how and when we can best help

Then we ideate new, novel solutions and prototype them with students and instructors

Student Co-design Group

A diverse group of students who help us design learner-centered educational technology

At Macmillan Learning, we believe building products that help students to succeed requires student-centered design from the earliest stages of ideation—developing the Learning Science Foundations that inform the design of all our products. We also committed to being learner-centered, and so include students in every stage of our product design and development. Therefore, we have formed the Student Codesign Group to inform, critique, and challenge our Learning Science Foundations (their perspectives are included in the Foundations we publish under Creative Commons). The Group is comprised of a diverse set of students—from a variety of types of institutions, and pursuing a variety of goals. Each contributes an invaluable voice to help us understand student attitudes, struggles, and aspirations.

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Myla Anderson

Political Science and Economics, Weber State University

Myla is studying Political Science and Economics at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. After graduation, she will begin a Master of Business Analytics program with the intention to bring a data-driven focus to the Acquisition Career Field at Hill Air Force Base. She joined the Student Codesign Group with the hopes to improve the learning experience of First Year students at Weber through her role as a Peer Mentor to the First Year Experience Program. She enjoys skiing and hiking.

Matthew Cherrey

Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Matthew is an honors student majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is employed there as an Undergrad Android Malware Researcher testing different security and debugging tools for Android. His main interests in the Computer Science field are Linux and security and his dream job is to work on either open source or security projects at a large company such as Google or Microsoft. Matthew joined the Student Co-design Group because he is interested in helping to design the next generation of educational tools.

Yasir Choudhury

Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas

Yasir lives in Austin where he is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. Through the Student Co-design Group, he hopes to improve Macmillan Learning’s products by providing his perspective as a student who has taken many courses that utilize digital learning tools. Yasir’s goal is to become a hardware test engineer at a semiconductor fabrication company. His dream job would be to work at Intel or AMD and aims to obtain employment in this field within the next 5 years.

Asja Lanier

Psychology, The College of Saint Elizabeth

Asja is a recent grad who lives in New Jersey and hopes to continue her education in a Master’s or Doctoral program. Asja previously contributed to Macmillan Learning’s VisionTyping work around a new product model in July 2017. Asja was very involved in student life at her institution, having founded and led the Black Student Union. She was also an active member of the Commuter Council, serving initially as a member and moving on to be the elected president of the council.

Anthony Nguyen

Economics & Statistics, CUNY Hunter College

Anthony resides in New York City where he attends CUNY Hunter College. He hopes to work internationally in an effective, data-driven NGO or social entrepreneurial venture that is making a true difference in people's lives. Anthony joined the Student Co-design Group because it offers him a space to collaborate with other students and Macmillan staff and scientists to improve learners' experiences with Macmillan's educational products and technology. Outside of work and school, Anthony enjoys reading, weightlifting, and Chinese food.

Ben Thier

Neuroscience, Duke University

Ben is from New York and currently attends Duke University where he is majoring in neuroscience with a minor in education. He is interested in how teaching and learning experiences can be improved by using data-driven and evidence-based approaches. Ben believes that conducting innovative educational research properly is extremely important if we hope to make a difference in both classrooms and e-learning methods. In his free time, Ben enjoys tennis, scuba diving, tutoring, and video editing. 

Starshae Toomer

Liberal Arts, SUNY Broome Community College

Starshae resides in New York. After completing her schooling, she hopes to become a neonatal nurse. Starshae sees the Student Co-design Group as an opportunity to help other students. 


Educational Results

Science + Empathy + Data Insights

The result of this empathetic and scientific approach are learning solutions that are practical, deeply intuitive, highly impactful, and help students, instructors, and institutions to achieve their very best outcomes.

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