Macmillan Learning Announces Partnership Between Skyfactor and NODA

Collaboration will yield deeper insights into orientation and retention in higher education, better equipping institutions to maintain and increase student success rates

August 13th, 2018

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August 13, 2018, New York, NY - Macmillan Learning, a premier educational solutions and insights provider, today announced a strategic partnership between Skyfactor (formerly EBI MAP-Works), the student retention and assessment platform, and NODA: the Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education. This collaboration between Skyfactor and NODA will leverage the resources of two long-standing organizations committed to improving student success.

The Skyfactor assessments offered in conjunction with NODA are primarily for Orientation (Student, Leader and Family), which will help provide improved orientation experiences for students. Assessments will be sold through Skyfactor and are administered utilizing the Benchworks platform system. Through this partnership, orientation, enrollment, and student affairs professionals will have clearer access to assessments that provide insight into the lives and behaviors of incoming students, which will enable them to better serve their student populations.

Macmillan Learning Institutional General Manager, Craig Bleyer explained, "Considering the orientation process often sets the stage for students' entrance into the college experience, equipping Student Affairs professionals with the necessary tools to create and improve programming is a role in which we take enormous pride. We are excited to work with NODA and support their membership."

NODA is a professional association dedicated to creating a space for professionals to develop, collaborate and enrich the orientation field within higher education. Benchworks solutions are professionally-built, customizable assessments that are aligned with accreditation and professional standard. In addition to student affairs assessments, Skyfactor offers solutions for program improvement in the academic areas of Engineering, Business, Teacher Education and Nursing. Skyfactor's long history of providing program assessments allows them to incorporate comparative and historical data into their pre-built dashboards covering more than 20 program assessments that have been administered more than 16 million times, by over 1500 institutions. This new partnership will see the unmatched research and analytics that power Benchworks assessments inform and support the work of the association, including three orientation focused assessments.

"NODA members often seek tools and resources to show the value of orientation, transition and retention programming. Partnering with Skyfactor will provide an additional benchmarking tool for institutions to better understand and improve their programming and showcase their successes," highlighted NODA Executive Director, Joyce Holl.

Benchmarking assessments provide significant insights to programs seeking to improve their practice. Combining the power and expertise of the Benchworks Orientation assessment suite with NODA's more than forty years of commitment to scholarly knowledge and best practices will see advances in the pursuit of improved student orientation experiences, leading to not only increased retention, but completion rates and overall student success.

For more information, please contact the Skyfactor team at:

About Macmillan Learning:

Macmillan Learning improves lives through learning. Our legacy of excellence in education informs our approach to using user-centered design, learning science, and impact research to develop world-class content and pioneering products that are empathetic, highly effective, and drive improved outcomes. Through deep partnership with the world's best researchers, educators, administrators, and developers, we facilitate teaching and learning opportunities that spark student engagement and lift course results. We provide educators with tailored solutions designed to inspire curiosity and measure progress. Our commitment to teaching and discovery upholds our mission to improve lives through learning. To learn more, please visit or see us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or join our Macmillan Community.

About Skyfactor:

A Macmillan Learning company, Skyfactor (formerly known as EBI) makes campus success easy with its Benchworks and Mapworks assessment tools. Benchworks includes over 45 easy-to-use program assessments in Student Affairs, Business Education, Engineering, Nursing and Teacher Education, while Mapworks, a proven student retention and success system, considers the holistic student experience when predicting risk. Skyfactor assessments are rooted in research and mapped to accreditation and professional standards. The assessments equip institutions with the right information to empower the right choices for their students and their programs. For more information, please visit

About NODA:

NODA is an international association comprised of professional administrators, students, faculty and organizations who contribute to the orientation, transition, and retention of students in higher education. The Association's mission is to provide education, leadership and professional development while creating a community of practice that defines and enriches these fields which are integral to student learning. For more information, please visit

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