Preparation for Calculus
Functions and How They Change

with Achieve for Precalculus


With a unique framework, innovative online resources in Achieve, and a fresh approach guided by students’ needs, Preparation for Calculus: Functions and How They Change equips students with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their current precalculus course and beyond as a calculus student.

Traditional approaches to precalculus can sometimes serve as an impediment, rather than a gateway, to understanding. Through the text’s informal, intuitive, and early introduction to rates of change and limits, students are offered a dynamic view of functions that tie together the oftentimes intimidating and seemingly varied topics in precalculus, while developing the skills they need to successfully springboard into calculus.

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Preparation for Calculus pairs the authors’ focus on the development of crucial mathematical skills with Achieve, where our resources are designed to teach by correcting students’ misconceptions through targeted feedback, warnings, and detailed step-by-step solutions, helping students develop conceptual understanding and critical thinking in real-world contexts.

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  1. Dynamic Figures

    Dynamic Figures are interactive versions of figures in the text with manipulable variables.

  2. LearningCurve Adaptive Quiz

    LearningCurve offers individualized question sets and feedback based on each student's correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

  3. Insights and Reporting

    Insights and Reporting provide powerful analytics, viewable in an elegant dashboard, that offer instructors a window into student progress and facilitate lessons that are specifically tailored to students’ needs.

  4. Assessment

    Our proprietary grading algorithm combines our homegrown parser and the computer algebra system, SymPy. It is programmed to accept every valid equivalent answer and to trigger warnings for answers entered in an incorrect format.

  5. Targeted Feedback

    Targeted Feedback for select questions responds to wrong answers and pointedly addresses students’ misconceptions.

  6. Ease of Use

    The Math Palette adapts to the content of the problem, bringing forward the most appropriate buttons so students focus on the math, not the formatting. Keyboard shortcuts and navigation make it easy for students to input their answers.

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Our simple goal with this textbook is to make calculus accessible to every student who wishes to discover its beauty and power. Keys to successful preparation for calculus are the development of calculation skills and growth in mathematical sophistication. We present these as an integrated whole because neither alone is sufficient. Fostering success in mathematics remains our passion, and we hope you see this passion in every page of the textbook.”

– Bruce Crauder, Benny Evans, and Alan Noell
Oklahoma State University

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