What Students are Saying

Over 600 students class-tested a chapter from Principles of Economics in fall 2018.

When asked what they liked best about Principles of Economics, especially compared to their current text, here’s what they had to say:


“The Stevenson/Wolfers text is a very readable text that uses practical examples and colorful visuals to help the reader completely understand the material.”

“The number, quality, and relevance of the examples make the chapter very straightforward and applicable. The examples allow the reader to translate the theoretical models into real life applications. In addition, the occasional humor incorporated into the examples helps to break up the more complex and new concepts. Finally, a structural element of the textbook that I appreciated was the format of the figures. The different aspects of the figures corresponded to the color coordination of the text explaining those specific changes in the graphs. This helped me keep track of what the figures were demonstrating at any given step, as well as the chronological order of the changes.”

I would say that the Stevenson/Wolfers text is unlike any other academic text I've been assigned to read. I enjoyed the writing style—it was casual and made the reading easy.”

“Easy to follow. I was actually surprised at how engaging it was.”

“It seems more modern, and uses examples people closer to my age can understand.”

“I would describe the Stevenson/Wolfers text to fellow students as being crystal clear. The text information truly caught my attention from the first couple of sentences. I would inform a fellow student that this book was written specifically for us millennials. It has the perfect writing style, relatable examples and the visuals are amazing. I would highly recommend this text, especially to those who are having trouble understanding the course material.”

“It's easy to understand because it's presented in a more engaging and interesting way than other textbooks I've used.”

“It is much more interactive and encourages readers to participate in understanding the material.”

“It gave me a better understanding of supply and demand.”

“I feel that I understand and will retain the information for a longer period of time because of the relevance of the examples.”

“I enjoyed that the concept was presented as an easy to understand story, or anecdote, and then was broken down using increasingly unfamiliar economic terms.”

“I would use the new text from Stevenson/Wolfers. I found that this book was much easier in understanding economics. I am taking this class because it is a requirement. This subject is difficult for me as it is NOT in my wheelhouse. I think this chapter helped me to understand more than the current book.”


The examples were far more relevant to my current life. My other text used examples like oil fracking causing supply and demand curves to shift at the same time, while the Stevenson/Wolfers text provided more 21st century examples, like the market for Justin Bieber's right Yeezy shoe that was thrown into the crowd of one of his concerts.”


“The writing is less formal and reads more like someone would speak, making it not only easier to follow along with but also understand. Overall the Stevenson/Wolfers text was impressive and helped me understand the topic.”

“I found the Stevenson/Wolfers text to be a little more dynamic. I love to read but reading school material has always been a bit of a drag. But this text actually kept me wanting to keep reading.”

“I really enjoyed the different situations that the text places you in. These situations made me as a reader more engaged in the reading and wanting to know the correct answer and the experts' take on the situation.”

“The graphs of demand and supply curves shifting are more colorful and easier to understand and makes it easier to notice where the changes in supply and demand occur.”

“I personally found the Stevenson/Wolfers textbook to be an easier read with more relatable 'real life" scenario examples. I also liked the use of the 'we, you, you're' pronouns.”

“Stevenson/Wolfers' text felt bite-sized in that it was broken down appropriately with enough breaks to give you enough time to reflect on the previous topic before it progressed into a new one.”

“I enjoyed the easy-to-read graphs and the layout of the overall text. I would tell my fellow students it's much easier to read and to retain information.”