Evaluating & Benchmarking Your Programs

Benchworks assessments make it easy to begin immediately evaluating and benchmarking your program. Leveraging more than 20 years of research our assessments emphasize the importance of student opinions and learning styles in measuring student satisfaction, perceptions, and learning outcomes.

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Nationally-validated Assessments for Your Program

Benchworks makes it easy for you to not only assess your program but also empowers benchmarking in four critical ways…

  • longitudinally within your program
  • Between programs or majors
  • against peer institutions and national participants
  • within sub-populations of students 

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Formative Program Insights

Gain previously unimaginable insights into student attendance and engagement that can empower all student advocates to better support students to improve student retention and success.

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Simple, Flexible, Effective

Used by millions of students at more than 1,200 institutions, we are proud to uphold that mission by continuing to partner with students, instructors, and technologists to create innovative, pedagogically-sound learning tools.

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