Joining the Conversation: A Guide and Handbook for Writers
Third Edition   ©2017

Joining the Conversation: A Guide and Handbook for Writers

Mike Palmquist (Colorado State University)   , Barbara Wallraff

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05554-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05554-7; Format: Paper Text, 830 pages

Prepare academic writers with the best practices of writing instruction

Grounded in the best practices of effective writing instruction, Joining the Conversation’s rhetorical approach builds an awareness of writing purposes and genres as it teaches students to read critically, research effectively, and respond thoughtfully to the conversations around them. Comprehensive assignment chapters span reflective, informative, analytical and persuasive writing, following real students throughout their writing processes.Supportive apparatus guides writers from finding a conversation to join all the way through documenting their essays. Throughout the text, with techno-literate practice at the fore, multimodality is always an option and the conversation metaphor empowers students to make their voices heard—with their peers, in academic communities, and in the world. Based on reviewer feedback, the third edition of Joining the Conversation offers a new opening chapter on understanding yourself as a writer, more substantial academic readings on compelling subjects that matter to students, and an expanded digital option in Launchpad for Joining the Conversation. With theory put into practice, Joining the Conversation exemplifies the best of what writing instruction should be.


Joining the Conversation really leads students to the cutting edge of research in the field of writing studies: Rhetoric is front and center, as are design and genre. Purpose and audience are key.” – Van Piercy, Lone Star College—Tomball