Writing Music
First Edition   ©2018

Writing Music

A Bedford Spotlight Reader

Jeff Ousborne (Suffolk University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-02015-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-02015-6; Format: Paper Text

A brief and versatile reader about music at an affordable price

Writing Music explores questions around the central topic of music: What is music—and why do we love It? How does music express and shape the self? How do we make and consume music? How does music negotiate race and ethnicity? What does music reveal about sexuality and gender? Readings by musicians, psychologists, philosophers, economists, and others take up these issues and more. Questions and assignments for each selection provide a range of activities for students, while the website for the Spotlight Series offers instructor support with additional teaching resources at macmillanlearning.com/spotlight.

The Bedford Spotlight Reader Series is an exciting line of single-theme readers, each featuring Bedford’s trademark care and quality. An Editorial Board of more than a dozen compositionists at schools focusing on specific themes assists in the development of the series. The readers in the series collect thoughtfully chosen readings sufficient for an entire writing course—about 35 selections—to allow instructors to provide carefully developed, high-quality instruction at an affordable price. Bedford Spotlight Readers are designed to help students make inquiries from multiple perspectives, opening up topics such as language, humor, monsters, borders, subcultures, happiness, money, food, sustainability, and gender to critical analysis. The readers are flexibly arranged in thematic chapters, each focusing in depth on a different facet of the central topic.