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The MPS Difference


At MPS, we value our partnership with each bookstore and educational book reseller. That’s why we have been working harder than ever to ensure that the publishing programs at MPS support your efforts. In addition to our very popular rush reorder program (SPEED), we offer a wide variety of collaborative programs to ensure you have the highest level of service and support every term. We realize that you work with many different vendors and that order programs vary. We want to take a moment to review the policies and procedures that we offer and that we believe set us apart.



All deductions in payments should reference actual credit memo number and be accompanied by a complete explanation, which will allow us to resolve the deduction in a timely manner.

Returns Policy


Shipping Address for Returns

MPS Returns Center
14301 Litchfield Drive
Orange, VA 22960

Method of Return

All returns must be prepaid. No prior authorization required. If returned collect, shipments will be refused, unless prior authorization was granted.

Shipping Requisites

Enclose packing slip with shipment, giving:

  • Invoice number
  • Your account number
  • Date of purchase
  • Reason for return
  • Detailed list of contents-including quantity, ISBN and title

Crediting of returns without this information will be delayed.

All deductions in payments should reference actual credit memo number and be accompanied by a complete explanation, which will allow us to resolve the deduction in a timely manner.

Credit and Return Criteria

Books must be in unmarked, saleable condition with no bookseller stickers added and with no Macmillan Learning or Bedford, Freeman & Worth stickers removed.

Added Stickers

A book with any type of proprietary or secondary sticker or label applied (e.g., price or bar code stickers, rental or used stickers) will be considered as not being in saleable condition and will not be eligible for credit. These books will be returned to sender (for chains, the return will be to the central location) via a carrier of the sender’s choice at the expense of the party seeking the return.

SQR Stickers

Macmillan Learning and Bedford, Freeman & Worth add SQR code stickers to certain of our books for anti-piracy purposes. These stickers should not be removed. Books from which these SQR code stickers have been removed (even if the residue is removed) are not eligible for return or credit and will not be returned to sender.

Restocking Fee

All returns of physical products (print books, access cards and physical devices) from bookstores and educational book resellers in the US received on September 15, 2020 or thereafter will be subject to a 2% restocking fee. The restocking fee will be calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis. [In March we communicated to you that Macmillan Learning is implementing a 2% restocking fee on returns of physical products that would be effective May 1, 2020. Given the ongoing crisis with the coronavirus we understand many of your businesses are closed or operating with reduced staff and may not be able to process returns. As a result we are delaying the implementation of this program to September 15, 2020.]


If the book is deemed to be counterfeit, credit will not be issued and will not be returned. We reserve all of our rights with respect to counterfeit books.

Window for Returns

Returns may be made within 12 months of the invoice date, unless otherwise authorized and except for out of print titles. Out of print titles will be eligible for return for up to 180 days after notification only. Returns on titles which have been out of print for more 180 days are not eligible for credit and will not be returned to sender.

Credit memos should be used within one year from date of issuance.

MPS Contact Information

16365 James Madison Highway
Gordonsville, VA 22942
Phone: 888-330-8477
Fax: 800-672-2054
SAN: 6315011