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Achieve Read & Practice is the marriage of our LearningCurve adaptive quizzing and our mobile, accessible e-book, in one easy-to-use and affordable product.

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Proven Student Success
Achieve Read & Practice


All students engage with Read & Practice at a relatively high rate, and students less motivated to succeed engage at a higher rate than those more motivated:

The average rate of engagement with assigned activities was 71%.

The average rate of meeting the target with assigned activities was 71%.


Retaking quizzes for practice supports student academic performance, regardless of their level of academic preparedness and baseline level of motivation: If a student retakes at least one quiz for practice, they can expect that, on average, their final course grade will increase by 4 points, regardless of their academic preparation, level of motivation, or the instructor teaching the course.


The more engagement a student had with Read & Practice, the higher they could expect their average exam score over the course of the semester to be and the higher they could expect their final course grade to be. Students less academically prepared realize a boost of about 4 percentage points on their final course grade when they crossed the 80% engagement threshold and students more academically prepared realize a 13 point boost

Spring 2019 Report

Instructors and students partnered with Macmillan Learning over three consecutive semesters to rigorously research how Achieve Read & Practice was used and results achieved.

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Benefits & Features
Achieve Read & Practice

Easy to Use

As the instructor, you select the book you want to use. Then you decide which chapters and sections you want students to work with first, and when. Assign those sections.

Students Come to Class Prepared

Students will then read the e-book and answer some adaptive quiz questions. If they do well on a topic, then they are all set. If there are topics where they struggle, they are encouraged to re-read the material and answer a few short quiz questions

Students Have Better Performance and Instructors Can See Key Analytics

Instructors can see all this work in the gradebook, noting which students are struggling or which topics are confusing. This information can then be used to change class discussion or to reach out to particular students.

Hear from Users
Achieve Read & Practice

Read & Practice is the perfect companion to My Psychology by helping each student foster a deep comprehension of the material resulting in better grades and a better psychological foundation”

– Instructor

Read & Practice allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the course material and quiz myself before an in-class exam.”

– Student

Integration Options
Achieve Read & Practice

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Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a program that ensures that every student has access to their course materials through their LMS on the first day of class.

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LMS Integration

Want to make your life easier? Keep all your course content and students’ grades in one place, with one sign-in.

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Talk to your local representative about your integration options.

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