Interactive Graphing

We are excited to present Interactive Graphing!

To help students improve data literacy and understand economic models, Achieve now offers interactive graphs throughout the e-book. Students can manipulate graphs to simulate market dynamics and to explore historical data, providing a more engaging reading and learning experience.

  • Interactive graphs embedded throughout the e-book in Achieve.
  • Assessment questions in Achieve to accompany selected graphs and models.
  • Interactive graphing bank for instructors to use in their lectures.

Now You Try It!

Shift the correct curve to answer the following question.

During the coronavirus pandemic, retailers needed to take additional precautions such as purchasing hand sanitizer, providing employees with masks, and sanitizing surfaces more. What effect does this have on the market for the goods that they sell?

Click the purple shaded area above the equilibrium price or the green shaded area below the equilibrium price to see how markets move to equilibrium.