Achieve (Full Course)

Easily integrated into your school’s LMS, the Achieve (full course) option creates a dynamic learning environment where every student feels seen, supported, and motivated to achieve more. Achieve is your one-stop shop solution that includes:

  • An interactive, mobile-friendly e-book that goes wherever your students go
  • Multimedia study aides that brings course concepts to life for your students
  • Assessment as learning: Course-specific assessments designed in collaboration with authors to enhance engaged learning
  • Assessment for learning: Auto-graded homework with targeted feedback helps address students’ misconceptions in real time. Adaptive quizzing with immediate, targeted feedback to coach and guide students during homework and self-study
  • Assessment of learning: Auto-graded homework, customizable test bank questions, and anti-cheating testing features to assesses student learning
  • Collaborative, active class management with iClicker polling, assignments, and quizzing to engage every collaborative and peer-to-peer learning for every student, whether they're in the classroom or joining remotely
  • Academic integrity protection features
  • Goal-setting and planning support
  • LMS integration
Dimmed screenshot of Achieve Economics course with Take a Tour text on top.