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At MPS, we value our partnership with each campus bookstore. That’s why we have been working harder than ever to ensure that the publishing programs at MPS support your efforts. In addition to our very popular rush reorder program (SPEED), we offer a wide variety of collaborative programs to ensure you have the highest level of service and support every term.

Need up-to-the-minute order information?

Want to know where that package is and who signed for it? Visit MOST: our online order tracking system.

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MPS Order Search Tool (MOST)

MPS Order Search Tool is a web-based purchase order tracking program that allows customers to view and track their purchases. No registration or special codes needed! Just enter your BILL-TO ACCT # and your ZIP CODE to track orders. Canadian Stores: Please use only the first five digits/letters in your zip code on MOST.

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MOST User Manual

Want to learn more about MOST? Take a look at our user manual to get helpful tips, links, and advice.

MOST User Manual