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Achieve for Labs

Robust digital lab solutions to support you and your students whether you are teaching in person, hybrid or online

The Achieve Labs courseware provides you with the resources you need to effectively run your lab course and support your students with digital resources that will save you time and provide your students with a better understanding of lab concepts through pre, in and post lab activities.

Achieve Lab activities are designed to give your students a thorough understanding of lab concepts, while improving their critical thinking and data analysis skills so they leave your course more prepared and knowledgeable for their future in STEM. All the while allowing instructors to spend less time grading and more time working with their students in the lab.

Prioritizing accessibility during the product development of Achieve Labs means that accessibility isn’t just an “extra.” Macmillan Lab products are the most accessible in the market ensuring all students have equal access to our virtual labs.

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Achieve Labs gives students a place where they prepare, explore and advance their lab knowledge in an online environment. With a variety of pre, in and post lab resources designed to support your lab learning goals, Achieve Labs provides all of the digital support you need for your classroom with a well rounded lab experience.

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  1. Simulations

    Our open-ended lab simulations provide students with 24 hour access to realistic, interactive virtual labs. Students can make and learn from their mistakes without the worry of wasting materials, time constraints, or lab equipment requirements. Complete with in-lab procedures and data entry as well as improved accessibility features.

  2. Pre-Lab Assignments

    Auto-graded pre-lab assignments ensure students are reading and understanding the background information and procedure before entering the lab environment.

  3. Interactive E-Lab Manual

    Our Vitalsource e-lab manual provides students with the background information and procedures they need to understand and complete their lab assignment in an accessible e-book with notebook, highlighting and offline capabilities.

  4. Smart Worksheets

    Data analysis activities allow students to work with the data they collect in the lab to increase their understanding and improve their critical thinking and analysis skills.

  5. Post Lab Assessment

    Our post lab assessments with targeted feedback help students develop conceptual understanding and critical thinking in the context of their lab.

  6. Student Engagement and iClicker

    Easy integration and gradebook sync with iClicker classroom engagement solutions pairs perfectly with our suite of in-class active learning resources.

Flexible Options

Achieve Labs provide you with flexible and affordable options to suit the needs of your lab classroom no matter how you teach.

In Person

Achieve Labs for Microbiology and Interactive General Chemistry provide you with a robust digital solution to pair with your in person labs.


Going Hybrid? Talk to your sales representative about combining our In-Person and Online Lab courses to create the perfect solution for your course.


Achieve Lab Simulations provide you with a full online lab replacement that has you covered from pre to post lab resources.

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