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Print Lab Notebooks

Our print Student Lab Notebooks are the gold standard in laboratory education! Available for Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Life Science, Physical Science, and General Science.

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Electronic Lab Notebooks

Our e-Lab Notebook offers students an innovative experience to record their observations in lab. If your lab has computers in it, trying out an electronic lab notebook is a great way for students to keep all their data in one place and give TAs access to the lab data immediately after lab.


The notebooks are typically templates of questions and tables for the students to answer and fill out.


The students have several tools they can use within their e-lab notebook, including:

  • Text and equation editors
  • The ability to create detailed tables for recording data
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Office to embed within the notebook
  • (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
  • The option to add Hyperlinks/URL’s
  • The ability to add photographs and videos
  • Attaching documents (PDF’s, Word Files, etc)


After the student submits their notebook, the Instructor or Teaching Assistant will have the ability to leave detailed feedback within the notebook and also assign it a grade. This grade will then be instantly pushed back to the HM Online Course.


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